Friday, April 23, 2010

HA!.. you think I'm here to clean your house?

Why do you do what you do? Does it define you or do you define it? Do you look for purpose in it or bring purpose to it? Is fulfillment sought in the circumstance or the calling that finds you there?

Read Augusta's story.... you can find the entire account in Stephen Baldwin's book, "The Unusual Suspect". (yes.. the actor)
Stephen and Kenya Baldwin  settled into married life, and soon they were expecting their first child.  Kenya explained to Stephen that it’s customary in Brazil to hire a nanny when a baby is on the way. Since Kenya is Brazilian, that’s the way it played out.

So, they hired this lady from Brazil named Augusta, and the whole first week she’s working for them she’s singing in Portuguese, which she only spoke with Kenya.  She’s singing about Jesus, and Kenya comes to Stephen in a few days and asks, “Do you hear what she’s singing about?  She’s singing about Jesus.” Kenya, after a few more days, approaches Augusta. “I noticed your singing, and I’m wondering why every song is about Jesus?”  Augusta had this very interesting reaction. She burst out laughing. Kenya said, “What’s so funny?” Augusta replied, “Quite frankly, I think it’s a little bit funny that you think I’m here to clean your house.

 She goes on to tell Kenya that before she had accepted the job, she prayed with her pastor and some church members in Brazil. She was told through a prophetic word that she was to go to America to become the nanny for some people who needed Jesus Christ and that one day Kenya and Stephen Baldwin would come to faith and be involved in ministry.

 Life at the Baldwins’ began to change.  Kenya was the first to dive into the Bible.  She spent many hours with Augusta talking about Jesus. One night, Kenya went with Augusta to a Brazilian church in New York City. She comes home and says to Stephen, “Honey, sit down. I’ve got to talk to you. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ tonight as my Lord and Savior. I’ve been baptized in water. I need you to know that, from now on, what I need to do each day to the best of my ability is to become the most obedient servant to Jesus Christ that I can.  Now, I need that to be clear, and I need you to understand. I don’t know what you’re going to do, but that’s what I’m going to do.” Then he watched her go through what he described as a radically beautiful metamorphosis.

She went into an intensive prayer and Bible study regiment.  Up in the morning, on her knees face down on the ground for an hour, without flinching, up off her knees into the bed with the Bible at least 30 to 45 minutes, every morning, every night, for one year.

While Kenya was seeking God and learning more about Him, Stephen was beginning to ask questions, especially after September 11th which really freaked him out. He said, “Hey, what’s this all about?  My wife’s a Jesus freak. Maybe it’s time I begin thinking about this faith thing.”  He pursued it, became born again, accepted the Lord, and was baptized in water.

The follower/disciple of Jesus Christ lives in another realm... for another purpose... with a broader vision of their life. Are our lives about making money, meeting obligations, supporting families,  funding college, climbing the ladder of success, or socking away some cash for retirement? Didn't Jesus say those are God's obligations? How are you handling God's job? What would life look like if we began living in liberty... for eternal things... as though all that Jesus said about this were actually true? Did it ever cross your mind that you are not where you are to just "clean the house"?

Augusta laughed out loud because someone thought that was what she was there for. She could laugh while she cleaned the house because she knew better.

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  1. I never get tired of hearing that story! Such a great message!